How would you describe your style?
Authentic, beautiful, intimate and definitely fun! I capture moments as they unfold but I will gently nudge you into poses when appropriate. You've got me for the day so why not go for some variety?

How far will you travel?
For local weddings, I can travel all around Los Angeles and Orange Counties. And if you want I can tag along to your fabulous destination wedding. Hotel, flight and travel fees will apply.

How long will it take to get photos?
About 4-6 weeks, but generally I have them delivered by 4. Excited to see them? I provide you with a sneak peak no later than 24 hours after your wedding date.

How many photographs will I get?
A lot! But I will edit them down to around 400-500~ish. They will be separated as high resolution (for printing) and low resolution (for web sharing) into folder sets that correspond to the events of the day for easy viewing. 

What can I do with my photos?
Print them, share them, make a billboard! You have a license to do anything but sell them. I retain the copyright to the images, which I use to promote my services to other couples.

What equipment do you use?
I shoot on a combination of professional Olympus and Panasonic Lumix cameras along with a pretty nice collection of prime and zoom lenses. My lenses cover many focal lengths from macro to distance.

Do you have backup cameras?
Absolutely! Not only do I have backup camera bodies, but my cameras record to two card slots, effectively creating a backup of the images as I shoot them. In the rare case that a memory card fails then I always have the other.

Do you use a second shooter?
Only when you need it. I have solely shot almost all of my weddings but there are instances where the client requested a second shooter due to the size of the venue and guest. I have trusted colleagues that I would use as my second photographer. He or she would work in tandem with me to shoot from different vantage points or to shoot guest while I've stolen you away for some creative portraits. 

What happens if you get sick or injured and can't shoot the wedding?
If for some reason I have fallen severely ill or injured, I will contact only my most trusted colleague to shoot your wedding. This will be a photographer that I have worked closely with in the past and has a photographic vision that aligns with my own. I will make sure that you are covered on your day.

What happens if we need to postpone or cancel the wedding?
If I'm not booked, let me know what your new date is and we will move everything over. If you do find yourself needing to completely cancel, then the cancellation policy in the contract applies.

This sounds all good. How do we book?
Hit the button below to start a conversation.​​​​​​​
Please send me any information that you might have about your wedding, including the date and venue. I will set a phone call so that we can a face to face meeting and learn more about each other.
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