I've never been named as a top photographer nor have I won an award for my work. But that's okay because I have won the trust of my clients over and over again.

It was never my intent to shoot weddings until I assisted a good friend of mine. I found myself doing hurdles over bushes, hiding behind columns, and sometimes conducting scenarios like a symphony. The experience left me with such a great feeling of fulfillment. So we partnered up together shot weddings across Southern California and NY.

I like being a wedding photographer. I enjoy capturing the feeling of how it felt to be there on that day. 

My Style

It's not moody, nor is it bright or airy. It's the feeling of your wedding day. I like to say that it's nostalgic.

No two weddings, venues, or people are alike so I approach each event individually and uniquely. My goal is to document your day and sometimes nudge a smile or laugh out of someone. It's a big day so why not enjoy it? Every photographer has their own unique approach that ranges from being there to taking the shot and sometimes setting up the opportunity to create one. I'm a bit of both. 

I might ask you to hop, skip, jump or do a cartwheel. I'll even ask your friends to jump you. What you will get is a collection of images that tell the story of your day along with the kinds of photos you want printed to sit between the books and items that decorate your home.

I won't do is get in your way. Move about as you see fit and take in what's happening all around you. I'll be close by, blending into the crowd to capture those true and candid moments without taking time away from you and the guest.

Get in touch if you would like to learn more.
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